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Djon Seedorf

Djon Louis Seedorf is not only a striking Rotterdam appearance but above all a visual artist who surprises, gets surprised and makes you think with his beautiful work. In his works you see a reflection of what concerns him: The relationship between colored and white, man and woman, between Christianity and Islam, East and West, truth and lie, power and populism. He says: "My works seduce, evoke tension, excite, but there are also other less comfortable layers to see. You could read my work like a puzzle piece." This time you'll see his Tronies.

Tronies, the human figures, just fell out of the sky. All these tronies are different, diverse. They are beautiful in different ways and evoke different feelings in all of us. Sometimes it's total madness, sometimes awe, sometimes a deep desire, sometimes humor, fear, and sometimes your heart skips a beat. This is the work of art!