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Rick Arnold

Rick Arnold is a creative centipede, but he is best known as a photographer. His style is characterized by the fact that nothing looks posed. Like his photo book INK ISSUES, published in 2018. He explains: "What I think is important is that the image has a certain face, a certain power. The image should be minimal and yet seduce. Seduction can also be in someone's eyes... or even in the ugliness of things. They are 'snapshots' of places and situations that should be hidden from view."

Rick Arnold has been a commercial photographer for more than 20 years, including for various magazines such as Esquire, Playboy, Porsche Mag but also our own Rotterdam Gers! Magazine. In addition, the book Ink Issues has made a dream come true. These, and other images, which must be a portal to another reality that remains hidden from many, have now also been made available as art objects to beautify home and departure.