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Une belle histoire

Everything starts with a beautiful story. Haute Antiques also has un belle histoire. What once arose from an old love of beautiful things, culled in a journey through all the beautiful things of life. During that trip Martijn and Adeline found each other and each other's love and passion for art, design and antiques.

But that old love wasn't just there. Martijn inherited this from his grandfather, who was an avid collector. And for Adeline who had 'Trocante', an antique and design shop in the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam for 20 years, where she regularly travelled to France to hunt for special treasures.

The idea for Haute Antiques had been on the shelf for some time: setting up a network of auctioneers, artists, collectors and enthusiasts, through parties, art and meetings. But the year 2020 was dominated by a pandemic that gripped the world and had to be sought for an alternative. That became a web store.

But Haute Antiques is not just an online store with a wide range of authentic items, from small curiosities to impressive masterpieces. Above all, we also want to offer a platform to Rotterdam artists and city products. Where one meets and strengthens. That is the power of Haute Antiques.

C'est seulemant le debut d'une belle histoire...